Suesie Hartman

Suesie Hartman is a Master Energy Healer. She has the ability to flow Reiki &  over 65 other different types of healing energies to meet each client's specific needs. Each healing session is customized for each client. Ms Hartman has the ability to remove the negative stagnant energies & emotions that are causing various symptoms, such as pain, digestive issues, anxiety & more.  Energy Healing in Lancaster County has never been easier!


The 7 primary chakras provide a detailed map for your energetic body. Sometimes, your chakras need a thorough cleansing.

Ask Suesie for a chakra cleansing & clearing, to spruce up your summer!  

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Tip:  Tangerine Quartz is a joyful stone! It can aid with improved digestion & help you feel happier!

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